Monee is a design baby and toddler brand with differentiated and practical designed products
that remove inconveniences of conventional baby products
Child rearing that makes parents happy”as our motto,
we believe that happy parents make their children bright and fun. For our precious children,
we will continue to focus on good ingredients and stay with the basics with parents’ heart.

In the design management era where stereotypical ideas are outdated,
we will make our company evolve overtime through SELF-REALIZATION of individuals.
We believe in co-growth of individuals and companies. We will fill our company,
Monee with products that focus on human beings and nature.

In addition, with a pioneering spirit that braves changes,
we will continue to work hard to grow as a global specialized toddler
product company which represents Korea.

Monee has a concept of familiarity and safety.

Soft and mild word mark shows the best quality safety and warm colors who familiarity.
The point in the initial “O” varies and gives characters to products.

Moneeis a compound word of mom+need, and most+need.
This refers to a will to make goods that moms’ need the most.

2015. 11 Creative Economy Award, Superstar V Prime Minister Award
2015. 09 Monee-bottle patent application
2015. 09 Monee-pack clip patent application
2015. 07 Venture company authorization
2015. 07 Korea Startup League 1st award

2014. 12 FDA certification
2014. 11 Seoul Int’l Invention Fair, 2nd award
2014. 11 Monee TM registration
2014. 11 Seoul Int’l Invention Fair, golden award
2014. 11 Seoul Int’l Invention Fair, silver award
2014. 11 Korea Intellectual Property Fair, Excellent TM, bronze award
2014. 10 Monee-cap patent registration
2014. 06 Monee-milk clip patent registration
2014. 06 Pittsburg International Invention Fair, golden award
2014. 05 Daegu Invention Idea Contest, golden award
2014. 03 SMEP Youth startup training center (2014.3~2015.2)
2014. 01 Monee-cup patent registration

2013. 03 Monee foundation

2012. 05 Daegu Invention Idea Contest, best award

2015대한민국창업리그 전국예선_창업진흥원장상