Monee milk clip has a KC mark that shows it is safe and
free from alleged endocrine hormone, 'bisphenol A’'and heavy metal,(lead, cadmium, mercury etc.),
and therefore, harmless to human bodies.


Alleged endocrine hormone BISPHENOL-A

Monee milk clip safe since it is not made of
alleged endocrine hormone BISPHENOL-A.

  • What is BPA?

    BPA is a type of endocrinehormones that disrupts and confuses animals and peoples once it goes into their endocrine system. It is mostly used to make synthetic resins or can inner coating materials to store food.

  • Why did BPA become a hot issue?

    After a media company released a documentary focusing on endocrine hormone, it became known to public, but impacts on human bodies are still being studied. For now, there is no particular danger clarified to human bodies.
    Monee only uses BPA FREE for children’s safety.From the developing stage to materials, we review every single information about safety of products and listen to experts’ ideas.
    (Note: in March 2011, the Korean Food and Drug Administration created a regulation that forbids using of bisphenol-A when making baby bottles.)

  • Then, Monee’s products are safe?

    Monee products are made of safe materials. It started as our CEO, graduated from Seoul National University’s chemical engineering department, started making products for his own children. Safe plastic such as PP, PE, ABS, and eco-friendly silicone are used only. Products have given BPA FREE and KC certifications from government agencies and every material of the products also passed US FDA tests.

Monee milk clip is made so that children candrink milk with their cute little hands without using straws.
They do not have to take out straws and play with them.

Unlike non-spill featured cups with silicone straws, the clip is used for paper milk cartons.
Therefore, if squeezing too hard,milk might come out of the straw or where it is open.
We recommend parents to learn how to properly use the milk clip when they first use it.